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Waltham Clinic is a world-class, multi-specialty concierge practice in San Diego, California.

Health specialists work together to provide their patients with cutting-edge, patient-focused care, whether they’re performing life-changing treatments or offering everyday support.

The Waltham Clinic team also offers chronic disease management, care coordination, remote monitoring, and social work services. They assess and treat functional impairments, falls, incontinence, and skin integrity. The team includes specialists in geriatric psychiatry, behavioral health and wellness, musculoskeletal medicine, and pain management.

To better meet the needs of their patients and their caregivers, the team uses a combination of in-home visits and telemedicine appointments to provide comprehensive and attentive care. Waltham Clinic is fully concierge and travels to assisted living facilities in the San Diego area. Call Waltham Clinic today.

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Maintaining Skin Integrity as You Age

Skin is the human body’s largest organ — covering, on average, 22 square feet. From head to toe, your skin plays an incredibly valuable role in shielding you against everything the world throws at it, from harmful bacteria to flying objects. When you were younger, your skin held up admirably, but the aging process and …

5 Tips For Reducing The Risk Of Stumbles And Falls

One in four Americans over the age of 65 falls each year, and every 11 seconds, an older adult goes to the emergency room due to falling. Even with eye-opening stats like these, many falls can be prevented with a few precautionary measures.

Talking To Your Loved One About Memory Lapses

Some memory loss is a perfectly normal part of aging, but significant lapses may signal dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If your loved one is having memory problems, here are some suggestions for broaching the subject.



Waltham Clinic Increases Access to High Quality, Multi-speciality Care for Assisted Living Residents